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April 2024: PropTech Innovator Meeting Recap & Insights

By Joe Schneider | April 4, 2024

The PropTech Innovator Network is a group of C-level PropTech executives who meet monthly to discuss the latest technology trends and receive unique insights from influential MLS & Industry leaders. On April 3rd, 2024, the Network welcomed special guest Greg Sax, Head of Communications at RESO. Greg is known for his online interview series “Three Questions” and was recently featured in the MLS-PropTech Digest. In case you missed the call this month, here is a recap of the insight conversation with Greg.


Greg Sax Conversation Highlights

For technology companies that are leveraging MLS data to power their products, ingesting and working with numerous, varied, datasets poses a challenge. The Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), is helping put an end to this by creating robust data standards for the industry. PropTech companies can set themselves up for success by staying informed on, and actively participating in the changes RESO is leading. By developing products with the RESO standard in mind, technology companies can position themselves as more friendly to an MLS and this can have a huge impact on their sales and partnership conversations.

Aside from staying informed on and adopting the RESO standards, Greg gave very candid advice to companies looking to work more closely with MLSs and Associations. MLS leaders are listening and they do want to provide the best technology to their members, however, they are very busy and have very long runways. While that can be frustrating for startups, you’ve got to be patient and understand that they are dealing with much more than what you might see on the surface.


Member News & Updates

Mike Price: Relevate launched their new Relevate SSO Dashboard for any AMS or MLS.

Eileen Romito: Zenlist has launched with MRED as an alternative front-end MLS system.

John Garner: Freemodel has helped their agent partners earn their sellers over $60M in net profit on over $550M in sales transactions to date.   

Vincent Harris: RealEstateAPI.com is hosting the AI squared hackathon with sponsors including AWS, Bigger Pockets, and other Appfolio.

Matthew Kuchar: Showami has begun working on a new service that will launch in May called Showami "tasks" which connects agents with other agents who can take pictures, install signs and lockboxes, and perform various tasks.

Joe Novak: PropFact is approaching development completion.

Zach Gorman: RealReports announced a partnership with the Park City Board of REALTORS®, launched an integration with MoxiWorks, and was published in the inaugural issue of Modern.tech's MLS-Proptech Digest.

Darren Schneider: RealtyServer Systems Inc. has officially converted 100% of their Real Estate Associations clients to their MLS Platform called Xposure™

Drew Knapp: Over 1,100 agents have claimed their profiles on their site, A Greater Town.

Francis Gravel: Union Street Media is seeing AI become a bigger part of their business and is often one of the first things that prospective clients ask about.

Alex Gustafson: Oppy released an update that provides each AI assistant with an email address it can use to communicate with stakeholders or other AI assistants.

Bill Andrews: RentSpree has announced an integration with REcolorado, bringing their rental tools to over 26,000 members.


About the PropTech Innovator Network

Each month, Modern.tech highlights an industry executive who will delve into the intricacies of the organized real estate sector in an exclusive gathering of PropTech Executives. This presents an opportunity for PropTech Innovator Network members to expand their network with high-caliber individuals and acquire insights that are truly unique and unavailable elsewhere. Please request an invitation to join us each month.

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