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January 2024: PropTech Innovator Network Meeting Recap & Insights

By Modern.tech | January 19, 2024

The PropTech Innovator Network is a group of C-level PropTech executives who meet monthly to discuss the latest technology trends and receive unique insights from influential MLS & Industry leaders. On January 10, 2024 the Network welcomed special guest Joe Schneider, who recently hosted the International MLS Forum in Paris. He is a distinguished professional with 15 years of experience at the crossroads of real estate and technology, spanning roles from bootstrapped start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. 


Joe Schneider Conversation Highlights


In the ever-evolving world of real estate, the concept of Multiple Listing Services (MLS) has been a cornerstone for property transactions, particularly in the USA and Canada. However, when venturing beyond these borders, the lack of a standardized MLS poses challenges rooted in diverse business practices, privacy laws, and data systems. The International MLS Forum emerged as a response to this gap, aiming to redefine and standardize the global real estate landscape.


The journey began with a realization – there is no true international MLS without addressing the fundamental elements that make an MLS what it is. The founders of the forum recognized the need to establish standards that could create a consistent data system across markets, countries, and regions. The first step was engaging with RESO, a US organization dedicated to real estate standards, which readily joined the cause.


The initial gathering, held in December 2023 in Paris, marked the inception of the International MLS Forum. The focus was not on amassing a large audience but on ensuring that those present comprehended the vision and were committed to the journey ahead. The forum aimed to build a foundation for a genuine international MLS, starting with data standards and workflow discussions.


At the International MLS Forum, Joe highlighted the significance of data standards as a catalyst for the growth of MLS in new markets. Recognizing that establishing a comprehensive MLS might be a multi-year project, the emphasis was on greasing the skids through data standards. These standards play a crucial role in integrating MLS into different markets.


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