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About Us

We are a digital consultancy supercharging our clients' technology initiatives.

Founded to solve complex problems

Modern.tech is who you call when nobody else can get the job done. Our deep commitment to product excellence, our mastery of modern technology, and our specialized industry expertise ensures that our clients receive a level of service that they won't find anywhere else.

Founded to solve complex problems

The secret to our success:

Modern Technologies + Industry Expertise

Modern Technologies

Using modern technologies and tools is crucial for building digital products that are reliable, scalable, and user-friendly. Modern technologies enable faster and more efficient development cycles, enhance security, and ensure products can handle large amounts of data and traffic without experiencing downtime or performance issues. Building over a modern infrastructure future-proofs your product and ensures it can adapt to emerging trends and technologies yet to come. We help you harness this power to give your business a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Industry Expertise

A meaningful understanding of your product, business, and industry are a fundamental requirement for critical thought. Without this understanding, how could you expect a designer or developer to think critically or catch things that you might have missed? When we take a project, our entire team commits to mastering the context of your product, company, and industry. Our current industry specializations have been developed through years of working with strategy and technology engagements with players big and small, and we bring this expertise into every new engagement.

Trusted to Deliver Quality



Our software products are in use by over 10 million users worldwide



Our development team is competent in over 25 different languages and frameworks



We meet the strictest product compliance standards with users across 5 continents

Our Leadership

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 We will stop at nothing to empower our clients and help them innovate faster than the competition.

Andrew Coca

Chief Executive Officer

  • Ed Coca image

    Ed Coca

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Manny Mendez image

    Manny Mendez

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Luke Larson image

    Luke Larson

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Meagan Zeman image

    Meagan Zeman

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Bill Fowler image

    Bill Fowler

    President, SourceRE

  • Joe Schneider image

    Joe Schneider

    EVP of Consulting

  • Christopher Siebarth image

    Christopher Siebarth

    VP of Business Development

  • Mariana Guerra image

    Mariana Guerra

    Director of Design

  • Brendan Coca image

    Brendan Coca

    Director of Development

  • Zach Weiss image

    Zach Weiss

    Director of Architecture

  • Patrick Coca image

    Patrick Coca

    Director of Real Estate Technology

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