Launches Member Benefits Audit for MLSs and Associations header image Launches Member Benefits Audit for MLSs and Associations

By Meagan Zeman | April 9, 2024

Denver - has announced the launch of its Member Benefits Audits to help MLSs and Associations secure and enhance their value propositions to members.


At a time when MLS and Association executives face the critical challenge of articulating and delivering member benefits that resonate and provide value,'s new Member Benefits Audit will help industry executives elevate the way they approach their organization's member benefits.

"Through our Member Benefits Audit, we're helping MLSs and Associations transform the way they serve their members,” said Joe Schneider, EVP of Consulting at “Our approach uncovers hidden opportunities and areas for improvement, ensuring that every aspect of their member benefits offering is strategic and impactful.”

The Member Benefits Audit empowers MLS and Association executives with a strategic framework to analyze their current member benefits. By leveraging this audit, executives can optimize existing partnerships, enhance the value they are delivering to their members, and uncover new opportunities.

"There has never been a more important time for MLS and Association executives to clearly craft and communicate their member benefits," said Andrew Coca, CEO of "We are committed to empowering MLSs and Associations with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive landscape."


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Joe Schneider | EVP, Consulting


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Meagan Zeman  |  Chief Operating Officer |


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