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The Winning Formula: 2 Pillars Driving Software Project Success

By Andrew Coca | April 11, 2023

When undertaking a new software development initiative, the difference between success and failure boils down to two very simple things: the tools and the people. Too often, software developers make poor tech stack and system choices, while firms mistakenly hire the developers most conveniently available to them. In the following paragraphs, we outline exactly what it takes to optimize these two crucial pillars for your next project. 


Modern Tools and Technologies


We've seen it happen all too often: software engineers build a platform using what they believe to be the best stack, using reasonable practices and tools. Tragically, in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, a developer busy programming inevitably loses touch with the latest advances in modern software development tools, practices, and frameworks. What was cutting-edge 5 years ago may be antiquated today, and the wrong choice in stack or system may double or triple the level of effort for a project unintentionally. Modern technologies enable faster and more efficient development cycles, enhance security, and ensure products can handle large amounts of data and traffic without experiencing downtime or performance issues. By building your applications over a modern infrastructure, you future-proof your products and ensure they can adapt to emerging trends and technologies yet to come. As our name itself suggests, this is pillar one at


Developers With Relevant Expertise


When hiring a software development firm, the quality and capabilities of its developers are paramount. Developer quality and price are regrettably the end of most companies' evaluation criteria. At, we believe that's just the ante to be in the game. What truly matters most are finding developers who have a meaningful understanding of your product, business, and industry. Without this understanding, it's challenging to think critically or catch things that might be missed. That's why when we take on a project, our entire team commits to mastering the context of your product, company, and industry. Our current industry specializations have been developed through years of working with strategy and technology engagements with players big and small, and we bring this expertise into every new engagement.


We combine modern tools and technologies with deep industry expertise, and in doing so drive technology initiatives toward success. We understand the importance of keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape, and that's why our team invests in continuous learning and development to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. We instill a culture of critical thought and professional mastery among our team, from our developers to our executives. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing digital infrastructure or build something new from scratch, we're here to help you achieve your digital goals.

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